In this episode, Ryan and Rob get schooled on Austrian economics by Dr. Robert P. Murphy. The doctor describes the differences between various schools of economic analysis, including Austrian, the Chicago School, Keynesianism and other modern methodologies. Buckle your seatbelts and get ready to get your learn on.

Dr. Murphy defines the difference between The Chicago School and Modern Monetary Theorists, Austrian Economist is often maligned as being favored by economists who are lazy with math, of course this is highly summarized.

Ryan gives his explanation of the wisdom behind Austrian economics.

Dr. Murphy gives his reasons why economists argue all the time. It's a matter of a lack of time travel.

Dr. Murphy goes on to explain how Krugman is basically a piece of crap (our words, not his), and hypocrite of high regard. This is why Dr. Murphy and Tom Woods host the show Contra Krugman and have released a book of the same title.

Ryan recommends all Knuckle-draggers to listen to the Contra Krugman and wrap your minds around solid economics.

The discussion dips into an overview on the Free Market so newbies can get the straight dope on Capitalism.

Ever wonder what would happen if the Mafia killed half the veterinarians? Dr. Murphy has the answer.

Ryan and Dr. Murphy gush about the Contra Cruise, happily teasing non-Californians about the difficulty to acquire tickets.


Murphy books
Choice: Cooperation, Enterprise, and Action 



Contra Krugman


The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism 


Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt 


Mises Institute

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